This forum is all about the fangame called Naruto Shippuden: Skylit Apocalypse on Byond games!
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Shell Server back up!
Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:47 pm by Detective Gumshoe
If you didn't notice on the hub, the shell server went back up! Hope you guys enjoy V2, because we …

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Shell Server.
Wed Aug 03, 2011 5:03 pm by Konan's_Blu3_D3vil
The Shell Server is Temporally down right now. So I or some one else will be hosting Naruto …

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New Forums Interface
Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:53 pm by Detective Gumshoe
Like our new interface? Now you don't have to struggle to find out the On button means login! Also …

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I wanna apply for enforcer
Uh idk Death?
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New Forums Interface
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I wanna apply for enforcer
Rules. Read before posting!
Best Video Game?
Shell Server back up!
Death Destroyer
Uh idk Death?
Staff application format
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 Rules. Read before posting!

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Detective Gumshoe

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PostSubject: Rules. Read before posting!   Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:28 pm

Ok, now while you read this, I want to take the time to say welcome to our forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here and make some friends in this community! Now this community was built for the purpose of talking about NS Skylit Apocalypse, but first we have to cover some rules before you go on posting.

Ok here they are:

1. No profanity! This includes cussing, pornography, references to profane subjects, and anything that would be considered inappropriate for anyone under 18!
2. No flaming! This includes trolling, yelling (typing in all caps), or posting anything that could offend people.
3. Do not advertise your game without permission from Narutorox! Since he made these forums and has a ton of forums experience, permissions from Jin or Ricky will not be enough for approval to advertise your websites or games! You have to contact Narutorox by either PMing him, emailing him, Instant Messaging him, contacting him on the game, or any other way of contact that could let him know about the game you are advertising! If you want your game advertised, you must include a hub link!
4. No Double posting! This includes triple posting, or anything above that! Use the edit button if you want to add further details and it will save us a ton of spam!
5. Do not post anything that doesn't have anything to do with the forum page! This means you cannot post a staff application in general discussion! The only exception is the Other forum which is for random things.
6. Do not post how to obtain illegal downloads, such as hacking tools, emulation, or anything that could get these forums in trouble!

Now these are rules that apply to us staff members who are part of the staff in-game and on the forums:

1. If you see a topic that breaks any rule, please lock the topic, then delete the topic so nobody else will post in it and possibly make a glitch happen!
2. All bannings should be approved by Narutorox, Jin, or Ricky and must have a very good reason! We do not want/need unfair bannings, for I have experienced many unfair bannings on many sites.
3. Make sure to follow the order of punishments:
1st offense: Warning and deletion of the topic (refer to rule 1 of staff rules)
2nd offense: Ban for only 1 day
3rd offense: Ban for one week
4th offense: Permanent ban

Depending on how badly they broke the rules, Me, Jin, and Ricky may tell you to skip certain ones, but you have to have our permission to do so!

I hope you guys have a great time on these forums and really enjoy being here, being that we only have 6 rules!
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Rules. Read before posting!
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